Self help projects

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Self help projects

Daniels conducted the nine-week project with unemployed, out-of-school Djiboutian youths between February and June This report provides qualitative and anecdotal feedback on the use of the self-help group development methodology to enhance self-esteem, group participation, and listening skills among older youth.

Introduction A quiet revolution took place in among youths in one of the bustling neighborhoods in the city of Djibouti. Historically, self-help groups have combined peer skills [iv]consensus building, positive reinforcement, Self help projects, information sharing, and consumer action with advocacy.

This process has been shown to facilitate community development and create infrastructures at the grassroots or village level in a number of documented cases in Sub-Saharan Africa. The youth participants contributed to the design of the pilot project through feedback they gave during a needs assessment conducted as part of an introductory series of three workshops in December The pilot project was anchored on the idea that self-help groups contribute crucially to the development of strong, independent thinkers capable of adapting to change and able to seize opportunities that arise.

The project in the Republic of Djibouti examined the use of this particular method of consciousness raising and networking as a tool to empower women and men with greater skills to confront issues of oppression, poor health, and low economic productivity.

It is within this context that the following report hopes to contribute to Self help projects body of knowledge on the use of the self-help group development methodology with one of a variety of different social groups. This report focuses on the use of the methodology with coed youth in Djibouti between the ages of eighteen and twenty-seven who are unemployed and out of school.

Background on Djibouti The population of Djibouti is characterized by its youth. Sixty percent of the population is between one and twenty-four years old. Within the capital city of Djibouti, the unemployment rate is estimated to be Among the unemployed, sixty percent are youths between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five.

Drought, environmental degradation, and impoverishment in the interior districts and rural areas require special attention. Conceptual Framework The social cohesion and bonding among members created as a result of their group interaction and mutual support were found to be valuable gains of involvement in self-help groups.

Tolosa Bezaboh [x] Self-Help Groups The purpose of the pilot project was to provide activities for youth that serve to increase their knowledge and skills for individual and collective action. Utilizing the self-help group development techniques, young people came together and shared ideas through talking, listening, and writing.

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When members of the group came to agreement on a common issue, they could choose to make a plan for how to address this issue. Then, they could implement the plan.

The philosophy behind this type of group participation is that when people come together and share their ideas on certain topics, several results can occur: The person telling the story gets positive reinforcement by being listened to.

Those listening who may have had a similar experience can find commonality with the person telling the story. Where there is a commonality of experience, the group can create a plan for action.

When there is agreement that action should occur, the group can organize itself into a coalition for change.

Self help projects

In his successful literacy and political consciousness programs, Freire noted the value of a dialogue approach in which everyone participates as equals and co-learners to create social knowledge. It is an augmentation of capabilities. Self confidence and self-esteem play an essential role in change.

Methodology The training included intensive work in small groups, the creation of a publication, and computer literacy. In addition to increasing their ability to communicate with each other on serious topics, the youth participants practiced skills in planning, problem solving, organizing and managing meetings, and active listening.

Pilot Project Objectives 1. To introduce the technique of self-help group development to a community of youth as a tool that they can utilize to bring about change in their daily lives and in their communities; 2.

To target communication activities that have been shown to enhance the ability of youth to communicate with their peers on serious topics; 3. To provide training on the computer at individual levels of need for all youth participants.

The youth were required to meet the criteria, as presented graphically in Figure 1 below, in order to successfully complete the training program: Elements Of Self-Help Group Development Self-help groups are organized to provide each member with the opportunity to talk about what is important personally, to be heard, and to get positive reinforcement, as outlined in Figure 2.Self Esteem Activities for Kids: 11 Fun Ways to Develop Self-Respect If you’re on the hunt for games, crafts, teaching tools, and therapy ideas for girls and boys to help develop self-esteem and self-confidence, you’ve come to the right place!

If you are passionate about woodworking and are in possession of dainty hands then let me tell you 10 wood projects that make money. Kilili Self Help Project supports the work of certified Kenyan community workers who train family farmers in the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method of organic farming and soil fertility management.

Through the generosity of our donors, more than , families are using simple, ecological methods to achieve food security and economic self-reliance. “In Self-Help Housing projects, the low-income families not only achieve homeownership, but they build stable communities with well-maintained homes.

The people in our new communities become good neighbors even a kind of extended family. Impact of Self-help Group in Socio-economic development of India nationwidesecretarial.comam, Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics, Govt Saiha College, Affiliated to Mizoram University, Saiha, Self-help group is a method of organising the poor people and the marginalized to come together to.

Self help projects

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