Respect the nature

Matsumoto There are some "Montessori" products that further the understanding of Montessori especially for parents at home. Here is one example, the Michael Olaf Company carries just a few "essential" items for children from birth-7 year: MichaelOlaf A sparse environment of carefully chosen materials calls the child to work, concentration, and joy.

Respect the nature

Teaching our Children to Respect Nature. Posted on by Michelle Like our relationships with each other, we all have a relationship with nature. For some it is deeper than others but planet earth would really benefit from having more people respect it and love it.

We can teach our children to respect nature and care for it and thus help the planet.

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It amazes me the amount of rubbish that litters our highways, parks, beaches, waterways and oceans. Why is it so difficult for us to put our rubbish in bins or take it with us to dispose of properly?

Go to any sporting event or even a picnic and the area afterwards is scattered with litter. Our actions all have consequences. How many animals have died from trying to digest plastic bags or the remnants of our rubbish? Too many, including the poor bird in the above picture.

Our world continues to grow in population putting further demands on our planet. We have exploited nature by stripping old growth forests, polluting our soils and our waterways, destroying ecosystems and causing species to become extinct or vulnerable.

A world without the vastness of nature as we know it, would be a substandard one. Children today are more environmentally aware than previous generations which is a start but do our children know, that as individuals, they can make a difference? We can all make a difference. As parents, we can be instrumental in teaching our children about nature and how to preserve it.

Start in your own backyard. What creatures live in your backyard or visit it by day and night? Every living thing has a purpose.


Some people may have a fear of spiders but they are amazing in the way they spin their webs and they are an essential part of the ecosystem. Earthworms might not look like much but they work wonders in our soil; aerating it, improving its fertility and assisting with the health and growth of plants to mention but a few of their benefits.

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Most of us have seen earthworms stranded on paths and driveways due to heavy rains. One day, we came home to find bees in our kitchen. They came in through the rangehood that vents outside. We found a gap in the bricks where they were intending to settle and build a hive. The side of our house is not a viable place for a beehive with two children who enjoy playing outside.

On top of that, I am allergic to bees. Luckily for us, the bees had not long arrived.

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It would have been a lot easier for us just to spray the bees but they are important creatures and I would have felt guilty killing bees.The historical pattern of liberal or progressive movements is to have “contempt” for traditional movements.

To the progressive city dweller, the farmer or rancher is an uneducated hillbilly. Actions such as littering effects the environment and the animals that live within that environment. We can all make a difference by putting our rubbish in the bins and respecting nature.

Introduction Dharma: ecological balance Mountains - The Abode of the Gods Rivers/Oceans/Lakes Mother Earth/Sun & Planets Plants/Animals Conclusion.

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Respect the nature. 72 likes. ###This is endeavour to aware people about nature besause the significance of nature is really necessary for us. Recent Additions. Essay on Man by Alexander Pope. EPISTLE III: Of the Nature and State of Man, With Respect to Society ARGUMENT.

I. The whole Universe one system of Society. "When it first appeared, Respect for Nature was at once recognized for the important, groundbreaking work it was. It was deservedly a major influence in the then newly developing field of environmental ethics.

Respect the nature

Time has only confirmed this first opinion and it is good to have the book back before us.".

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