Reflective why women choose to stay

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Reflective why women choose to stay

They stay in this relationship for the wrong reasons and sometimes they find it extremely difficult to leave the relationship. Leaving can be more complicated than it seems. There are many reason why men and women stay in an unhealthy relationship. The following will explain some of the reasons why people decide to stay in a harmful relationship.

A person who stays in an unhealthy relationship may do so because of: Some people may stay in an abusive or unhealthy relationship because their partner provides with lavish and grandiose things.

Shopping at high end stores or buying brand name things is glamorous.

Reflective why women choose to stay

But when you love that more than your partner is unhealthy. Also, someone may think that they have nowhere to go if they leave. They may start to feel helpless which is strong when they decide to stay in the relationship. Believing that abuse is normal: Perhaps someone grew up in an environment where abuse was common and do not recognize that their relationship is unhealthy.

A person with low self- esteem may believe that the abuse or maltreatment is their fault because their partner constantly blames them or puts them down.

Also, the abusive partner may threaten to take away their child if they leave. Some people may settle being an an unhealthy relationship rather then being alone.

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The thought of being alone may scare someone and would rather be with anyone. And he or she also distorts the future by really thinking that single life will be far worse than it actually turns out to be. It is important to not compromise your self-worth.

Know what your needs are and how to find happiness. Stick to your needs and find the confidence to walk away. Image taken from shutterstock.Home > Domestic Violence > Why Women Stay.

Immigration Issues – An abuser may deliberately choose not to file the required documents to legalize his partner’s immigration status; he may withdraw documents which have already been filed, destroy important records or documents and/or threaten to report her to the Immigration and.

So, should women work outside or stay at home doing house chores? Women should work, instead of staying at home. First of all, growing urbanization and industrialization has necessitated women to work. Why Do Women Stay? Domestic violence is a serious and complex plague of society that affects all, but women make up the largest number of victims in most case studies.

In the United States alone, " million women are raped or physically assaulted by an intimate partner each year. However, more and more women don’t consider marriage to be either of those things. Not only do they have the ability to support themselves financially, they’re also . Reflective: Why Women Choose to Stay Single Words Nov 2nd, 6 Pages In the course of this semester I’ve shaped my understandings of sex and gender through readings of diverse articles as well as discussions presented in class.

What Research Shows About Women's Decision to Work or Stay at Home. By Deborah A. Kahn. Go back to my job. Stay at home. Work part time. that women who choose to stay home are somehow.

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