Phenomenon of grandparent becoming parent essay

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Phenomenon of grandparent becoming parent essay

This work is protected by copyright and may be linked to without seeking permission. Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or electronically. Please contact mpub-help umich. Substance abuse, incarceration, mental and physical illness, teenage pregnancy and welfare reform have significantly impacted the Phenomenon of grandparent becoming parent essay of grandparents who find themselves in the role of parent once again.

This paper describes the process used to develop curricular resources which can be utilized by professionals to provide supportive and educational services to custodial grandparents.

Custodial grandparents, Grandparent-headed families, Societal influences, Curricular resources, Educational materials, Support services Linda L.

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Millions of grandparents have returned to the role of parent. Events such as divorce, loss of job or home, the death or incarceration of an adult child with children, or a teen pregnancy may abruptly propel a grandparent into a caregiving role.

Grandparents may also step in when the needs of children go unmet for a period of time because of underlying situations such as child abuse, AIDS, substance abuse, and even the effects of welfare reform. While the idea of children living with grandparents is not new, the frequency of grandparent care has increased and the reasons for this phenomenon have changed.

These problems, and others, continue to increase the stress on families, and particularly the extended family. Any one of these conditions can seriously strain the ability of family members to sustain the integrity of the family system, and many times multiple conditions further compound the difficulties.

This support and assistance now often involves full-time parenting of grandchildren. Over three million children currently live with their grandparents in a home where no biological parent is present.

In terms of actual numbers, Caucasian children represent the greatest sector of the population. Proportionately, however, over one child in eight from African-American families lives with a grandparent as head-of household, and in Hispanic families the ratio is one in sixteen.

Grandparents as Parents: A Growing Phenomenon

Grandparent-headed families with young children are found in approximately one in twenty five American households U. New Family Type Elder individuals have always played an important part in extended family support roles.

Phenomenon of grandparent becoming parent essay

Recently, however, the large numbers of parents who are failing, for one reason or another, to effectively parent and meet the developmental needs of their children have given rise to an increasing number of skipped generation families. Court systems may look to grandparents as an alternative to foster placement, and grandparents may assume a primary caretaker role out of a sense of responsibility or affection for the grandchildren.

In many instances, a surviving grandparent must function as a single parent.

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The stress that grandparents experience as repeat parents is quite different from the routine kinds of stress usually associated with raising children.

Often, grandparents are encouraged by social service agencies or courts involved with the parent s of these children to become custodial caregivers for one of several young siblings.

Many grandparent caregivers find their personal resources stretched to the limit. Issues of health, financial stability, and parenting are salient to these individuals.

Employment may not be feasible with the added caretaking responsibilities.


Virtually no grandparent plans to raise a second generation of offspring. Those who assume surrogate parenting roles decide to take on the responsibility of providing full-time care for their grandchildren rather than allow either harmful living situations to continue or placement outside the family to occur.

Conceptualizing Family Circumstances Programs supporting diverse families are enhanced by adopting a multifaceted, holistic approach Anderson and Smith, in press ; Bronfenbrenner, Grandparents also make up for the time that parents fail to provide to their children due to busy schedules and pile of responsibilities and duties.

Above all, the blessings and the wishes of the grandparents inspire the children who feel morally boosted and supported to take up the tougher challenges or tasks in life.

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