How to write a case analysis college mba program

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How to write a case analysis college mba program

Applications require the use of statistical analysis programs on the computer. Students will learn how to develop and use modeling techniques used extensively in the business world.

Both mathematical and spreadsheet skills in MS Excel are utilized for performing optimization, simulation, and decision analysis techniques.

how to write a case analysis college mba program

The course focuses on techniques and algorithms from the statistical and machine learning disciplines and has a strong programming component. Each technique is accompanied with a focus on application and problem-solving. The statistical methods used in the cases follow the recent advances in forecasting with big data and include methods such as decision trees and other classification models, neural networks and stepwise regressions.

how to write a case analysis college mba program

The course will also include a data intensive project, which will ask students to use the approaches introduced in the cases to forecast the US economy or the stock market.

Students will develop a solution to a real-world problem that will include collecting and cleaning data, building an appropriate model, and using appropriate analytic methods to solve the problem.

The course instructor will provide a problem statement and data from either a real-world domain or a close approximation.

Students will work individually or in small teams to develop a project plan, appropriate models, and a final recommendation. It may be possible for students to propose their problem statement and data collection, however, all such projects must be instructor approved.

Students will learn programming foundations, application development, and how to integrate applications with business operations in this class. The course covers hands-on issues in programming for analytics, which includes accessing data, manipulate data objects, analyze data using common statistical methods, generate reproducible statistical reports, and creating informative data graphics.

The course introduces software techniques to write functions, debug, and organize and comment code.


Students will become familiar with database modeling and logical design. Proficiency in developing complex queries and report generation is stressed. Use of popular and powerful data visualization and dashboarding software tools is emphasized.How to Write a Case Analysis | College MBA Program.

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