Essay vote bank politics india

Many intellectuals viewed that India is a captivating country where people of many different communities and religions live together in harmony. Indian Population is polygenetic and is an astonishing merger of various races and cultures. Besides, numerous castes, there are eight "major" religions, odd languages spoken in various dialects and a substantial number of tribes and sects.

Essay vote bank politics india

Vote bank politics has destroyed country like termites: Sep 25, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday accused Congress of looking for support outside the country, in a veiled reference to Pakistan whose former minister recently tweeted in favour of Rahul Gandhi.

In an apparent reference to the corruption allegations over the Rafale fighter deal, he accused the Congress of indulging in mud-slinging against the government, saying the opposition party found it easier than debating issues like development.

Addressing a rally here in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh along with BJP chief Amit ShahModi also slammed vote-bank politics and the practice of triple talaq while targeting the Congress party.

The Congress has been reduced from seats in the Lok Sabha to 44 seats due its "arrogance" but it is still not ready to introspect or correct itself, he said. Nothing remains in the Congress You need to look for the Congress party with a microscope now," he said at the rally also addressed by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

Mocking the Congress, Modi said the party has been reduced to such a condition that it is "begging" with small parties for alliances. He went on to add, "Even if they get allies, the coalition will not be successful.

So, they Congress are looking for support from outside India Now, will some countries decide who will become the prime minister in India? Modi asked, "Congress, what has happened to you?

Have you lost balance after losing power? Modi said the Congress' attempts to defame him in the last two decades haven't worked. There would not be a single abuse left in the dictionary now. However, the more mud you threw, the more the lotus bloomed," he said.

However, they will not do this, as they find it easier to indulge in mud-slinging.

But the more mud you throw, the more the lotus will bloom," Modi said. He said the "Congress has become a burden on the country today" and "it is the responsibility of BJP workers in a democracy to save the country from it.

We did not try to save our skin by blaming EVMs for our losses. Today people have once again reposed their faith in us," he said. He then told the gathering that if the Congress is "destined to be ruined", the BJP need not worry.

At the rally seen as launch of poll campaign, the prime minister said vote-bank politics, like termites, has destroyed the country. This sin of dividing the country is one major reason of its destruction," Modi said, in a veiled attack on the Congress.

Essay on Vote-Bank Politics in India

He said his government believes that the entire crore citizens of India are one family. It is our commitment," the prime minister said. Referring to the practice of triple talaq, he said it is not acceptable even in Islamic countries. This is the deformed face of vote-bank politics," Modi said attacking the Congress.

Modi said his government believes in social justice for all and that its 'Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas' cooperation of all, development of all campaign is not just a slogan.

He said the opposition parties had formed the "Maha- gathbandhan" grand alliance out of fear of losing the polls. He said the Congress "arrogance" makes its leaders believe that ruling the country is their right.

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The Congress is "unable to accept that a 'chai wala' tea vendor or the son of a poor mother like Shivraj and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath could attain the chair of power. They did not care if money, schemes were left hanging but only wanted no works to be completed only then the BJP governments would be ousted by people.

Time has now come to teach them a lesson," he said. Expressing confidence that the BJP would win the upcoming Assembly polls in Madhya Pradesh, Modi invoked former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, saying, "the son of this soil may no longer be with us, but his memories are.

They worked for the upliftment of the last man poorest of the poorhe said.Siddaramaiah's Govt 'Anti-Hindu', Indulging In Vote-Bank Politics, Alleges Amit Shah Shah further said the Siddaramaiah Government in the state had deprived the people of the state from the.

Nov 02,  · The RSS waded into the Sabarimala controversy, backing the traditionalists and opposing a woman's right to pray. It is no more than a calibrated strategy to grab the Hindu vote in the state, as female devotees become victims of vote bank politics. “Votebank politics has eaten into the nation like termite.

It’s the BJP’s duty to end this kind of politics,” he said, blaming the Congress party for MP being called a BIMARU (laggard) state. This dissertation consists of three essays on various aspects of development and the political economy of developing countries.

The first two chapters share a focus on issues of political economy in South Asia, the first examining the influence of politics over public goods allocations, and the second the effects of ethno-religious politics on voter behavior, violence, and policy outcomes.

Essay vote bank politics india

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday alleged that in the past 60 years of its rule, the Congress just indulged in vote bank politics and divided people to gain and maintain power.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the vote bank politics in India has destroyed the society like termites at a mega rally in Bhopal. The Prime Minister while addressing the party workers at the 'Karyakarta Mahakumbh' said, "Vote bank politics has brought such devastation to the.

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