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Welcome to my homepage! I have worked as a college counselor, adviser and educational consultant for 51years. I have assisted thousands of students and parents with every conceivable college planning procedure, including extensive advice on and about college application essays, personal statements, statements of purpose, etc.

College application essay consultant

Contact Get the Facts: College Admissions Trends- Tips for Success! Get the facts by preparing for and responding to some recent trends in college admissions.

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The Class of college admissions process has come to a close. Admissions deposits have been made, summer orientation plans are being set and students may already be thinking about decorating their dorm room.

High school students interested in securing a spot in the classes of21 and even 22 take note of some interesting trends on the horizon!

These trends include alternative admissions options and common application questions that are of interest to the next cohort of undergraduate applicants.

As high school students approach their summer break, there are few ways to prepare and respond to some of the highlighted trends of the report. The NACAC report confirms that colleges and universities continue to indicate that the high school transcript your curriculum and GPA is the single most important factor in the college admissions application and decision process.

The implication is that careful selection of challenging and manageable courses continues to be the most important determinant of your success in the college admissions process.

My focus as an educational consultant is to provide academic advising to best position each student to set and work towards personalized educational and career goals.

A partnership between students and their teachers, parents, high school guidance counselors and an educational consultant is essential not only for selecting the most appropriate courses, but such a partnership makes it easier to problem solve throughout your high school years.

Jumpstart your fall reading list in humanities courses leaving added room for your time consuming homework in math and science classes. The NAICC report also confirmed that students continue to apply to a record breaking numbers of colleges. Keep perspective and instead keep your focus on formulating a healthy and appropriate list of reach, match and safety schools given your educational and extracurricular profile.

The Common Application has provided colleges with the option to question applicants on where else they are applying. Answers to this question present a host of problems because the college uses the responses to estimate the likelihood that an applicant will enroll at the institution or not.

As colleges attempt to manage their yield ratios and provide need-blind financial aid packages, this information can influence the outcome of decisions in a potentially unpleasant manner.

Speak to your guidance counselor and educational consultant to consider your response. This information refers to information indicating how well an applicant is able to demonstrate knowledge with the campus and degree programs of interest. Conduct your school specific research!

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For example, Cornell University recently developed a new spring admissions program. Being aware of this option should you be placed on a waitlist is a valuable and potentially more informed way to approach an admission representative should you become a waitlisted applicant.

Keep an open mind and consider a gap semester if the situation of spring admissions presents itself! The admissions process for transfer students is different than the process facing high school seniors. Some very important differences are the application due date and expectations during the process.

Use the summer to gather relevant materials and begin the application process.FLEX Admissions Consulting is a collaborative effort between admissions experts, essay specialists and former admissions officers.

The right college can set your student up for a successful career. The wrong one can affect the rest of their lives.

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College application essay consultant

Abbott & Fenner are committed to continuing our efforts at helping those who have the desire and ambition to succeed.

For some college admissions officers, that’s a deal-breaker. If you have any thoughts you would like to share on writing an awesome college essay, please use the .

Once you have completed the entire application together with your Head Consultant, it will be given a final, thorough review by a member of our Ultimate Admissions Committee.

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The committee is comprised exclusively of former Directors and Assistant Directors of Admissions – the very people who made the final decision on hundreds applicants just like you at the most selective schools in the world.

To start learning about how to write an outstanding application essay, check out these videos on choosing a college application essay topic, answering the prompt, outlining and more!

Then call Craig directly to start getting even more personal help.

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