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Barnesville, Georgia, Thursday, August 26, B. Charles Hugh Humphrey, Mr. The names of these four men are affectionately and sacredly recalled as we rejoice over the passage of the bill creating Lamar County, because of the earnestness and devotion with which they labored in their life time in behalf of a new county here. The people of Barnesville and of east Pike and west Monroe for years have had the new county in their system and had made up their minds to have a county of their own some day, with Barnesville as the county site.

Cira nightly business report

The Sherman riot of was one of the major incidents of racial violence that occurred in the United States at the onset of the Great Depressionwhen lynching and other lawless acts increased with economic problems.

The incident initiated a flurry of racial violence in Texas. White tenant farmers had exhibited hostility to blacks throughout the county. The Southern Commission on the Study of Lynching reported in that Sherman had felt the onset of the depression more keenly than representative communities of similar size in Texas.

The prevalent abhorrence of miscegenation, together with the sensation surrounding the rape of a white woman by a black man, provided the context of the violence. A black farm hand named George Hughes, described by acquaintances as "crazy," was accused of raping a young woman, who was never publicly identified.

Hughes left when the woman said that her husband was in Sherman but soon returned with a shotgun, demanded his wages, and raped the woman.

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He shot at unarmed pursuers and at the patrol car of the deputy sheriff who later arrived to investigate the disturbance.

On Monday, May 5, Hughes was indicted for criminal assault by a special meeting of the grand jury in the Fifteenth District Court. County attorney Joe P. Cox set the trial date for Friday, May 9, and promised a speedy trial. Medical examination of the woman and of Hughes showed the rumors to be false.

Officers removed Hughes from the jail to an undisclosed location as a precaution against mob violence, but rumors persisted that he was still there.

A few people were taken through the jail to show that he was not there, but an unconvinced mob gathered outside nightly. In the early morning of Friday, May 9, Capt. Frank Hamer of the Texas Rangersassisted by two other rangers and one police sergeant, escorted Hughes to the county courthouse.

cira nightly business report

County Sheriff Arthur Vaughan and deputies stood on duty in the courtroom and corridors. Only those connected to the case were allowed to attend the proceedings. Nevertheless, a crowd from all over the region gathered outside the building and filled the corridors from the main entrance to the courtroom doors.

During the jury selection and beginning of the trial, the noise led officers to clear the stairway and corridor leading to the courtroom. In the late morning the crowd began to stone the courthouse. An American flag was carried around the grounds to incite the men to action.

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cira nightly business report

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Covering Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Desoto, Glades and Hendry counties. Just a year ago, Ciara and Futurewere headed for a showdown in court over multiple issues: Ciara was unhappy with their current custody arrangement and suing her ex for $15 million for alleged.

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