Bad roommate

Having a bad roommate is not so great. You storm into the room at four in the morning while your roomie is sleeping. You nom on her favorite gourmet gelato. You flirt with her ever so handsome boyfriend.

Bad roommate

Sharing a living space with another person -- whether with a friend or a stranger -- means that both people will have to compromise and adapt to each other. Communicating and coming up with an agreement is important, because certain traits and habits can occur that make for a less-than-ideal roommate.

Is an Habitual Borrower An undesirable roommate is someone who does not respect your personal property. Is Pushy and Too Personal Invading emotional space is another form of overstepping boundaries.

A nosy roommate is just as invasive as a roommate who uses your things without asking.

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If both roommates are messy, this could turn into a disaster. A good roommate realizes the importance of cleanliness, even if it means scheduling cleanups every so often. Is Disrespectful and Not Courteous A problem between roommates is when one or both are inconsiderate of the other person.

When a roommate makes a living situation uncomfortable -- such as bringing home friends or dates late at night, taking up too much space in the fridge, or playing loud music early in the morning -- this can cause the other person to become annoyed and to feel that the other person has not respected your values or personal space.

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A dozen unsuspecting victims. The story of Jamison Bachman is the ultimate Craigslist nightmare. You're not a bad roommate, because you're trying to fix the problem, but you may be an oblivious-to-your-smell roommate.

The fact that you've cleans makes me assume it's coming from somewhere other than you and your room, but have someone else come round and smell the place and see if . A rude roommate can make your living situation unbearable, and you may be looking for a way out of your lease agreement as soon as possible.

However, because your lease is a binding legal contract.

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There are ways to cope with bad roommates – but that’s almost easier than realizing that you are the bad roommate. Here are some ways to tell what type of roommate you are and – if you determine you’re the issue – become a good one. Set up your own cook lab at home with this Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner.

See, you'll be cooking incense, not meth. That makes it okay - unless you have a roommate who's sensitive to Nag Champa.

Bad roommate

Bad Roommate. likes.

Bad roommate

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