A review of summer the way to highland park by alfred kazin

This classic memoir was written by a literary critic who was brought up in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. Born in to immigrant parents his mother was a seamstress, his father a house painterKazin spent his early years absorbing the sights, sounds, and smells of the Jewish neighborhood of Brownsville by immersing himself in it.

A review of summer the way to highland park by alfred kazin

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My first reason is I love the city. In the city there is an essence of the past, marred by the shameful present. Kazin captures this feeling of the city to the point you can almost smell the city. His scents and sights bring this story to life.

This brings me to the other reason I chose this story. I find Alfred Kazin"s view of the world as refreshing. I find the world to be a beautiful place and I think Kazin does too. His mind escapes the ordinary day and floats to another place, a more romantic place. Kazin is not only a superb writer, but better, a superb romantic.

I admire this loftiness and am mesmerized by how accurately he can relay his thoughts to the reader. Never have I read an author who writes with such life. Alfred Kazin is a man who not only lives life, he digests it into his soul.

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There is a "larger than life" aura which the city of New York emanates and Kazin sees this aura. Included in this aura are the roots of American history. Kazin with his flawless descriptions of his environment and emotions made it seem like you were inside his a head and thinking his thoughts. More importantly, Kazin brings to life how books can fill a void in the mind and entice curiosity.

Alfred Kazin, a man with a romantic mind, sets out on an aloof walk from his dinner table to a park across town and on his stroll he encounters many things that remind him of his love for history. As the sunlight was dimming Kazin passes a police station in the east side of New York.

The police station signified the end of Brownsville, the town where Kazin resides. Upon Passing the police station he is enveloped by the smell of Italian cheese. The smell of Italian cheese signifies the entrance into the Italian part of town. Here Kazin reveals he is suspicious of the Italians.

He thinks Italians are Fascists. Toward the end of the Italian section of the city was a Catholic reformatory for girls. He thinks of the reformatory as a prison which supports the hypocritical Catholic religion.

For a reason not mentioned in the essay, Kazin feels uneasy about and contempt toward the catholic religion. Kazin proceeds with his walk to the library and passes under the Fulton Street El.

On the other side of the El Kazin seems to be dreaming. He sees small town America during this part of his journey. The streets are lined with great trees, similar to quintessential small town America, and the brownstones stood proud, as if their posture was the grand American history behind them.

Kazin greatly admires the architecture and history of the brownstones. Alfred made a discovery during this walk. This discovery was that walking in this part of town could take him into the past.Alfred Kazin has lectured and taught at many prestigious universities in both the U.S. and Europe.

His books include A Walker in the City, The Inmost Leaf, and Starting Out in the Thirties.3/5(3). Kazin's Summer: The Way to Highland Park Sitting on the marble steps of the old, traditional American church, I began to feel cold.

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A review of summer the way to highland park by alfred kazin

It begins, "Every time I go back to Brownsville it is as if I had never been away/5. A Walker in the City - Summer: The Way to Highland Park, p. - Summary & Analysis Alfred Kazin This Study Guide consists of approximately 30 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character . A walker in the city.. [Alfred Kazin] -- The acclaimed story of a soul awakening to the ecstasy of the senses, the power of language, and the meaning of existence.

Kazin's memorable description of his life as a young man as he makes the.

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